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Monday, June 10, 2019

2018/2019 WAEC WASSCE Geography Practical Runz Specimens Questions And Answers Nov/Dec

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2018/19 WAEC GCE Geography Practical Answer Nov/Dec Runz

Old scale = 1:50, 000
New scale = 1:150,000
Map scale = ?
Map scale = old scale/new scale
= 50,000/150,000
New length = 36.5 * 1/3 = 12.2cm
New width = 37*1/3 = 12.3cm
The map is a reduction and should be reduced to a third of its original size.
Length of minor road from Marabu to KARLAHI = 15.5cm * 150,000/100,000
= 23.3km
(i) With evidence on the map, the presence of schools at KARLAAHI settlement indicate socio-economic functions.
(ii) With evidence on the map, the presence of market indicate commercial functions.
(iii) With evidence on the map, the presence of church, mosque indicate religious functions.
(i) There is more highlands in the north western part of the map which makes it difficult for road construction.
(ii) There is presence of rivers flowing between mountains making road construction difficult.
(iii) The presence of valleys and plateaus between mountainous top makes it difficult to construct roads

(i)Employment:-The mining of these minerals provides jobs for many people

(ii)Revenue generation:-Taxes paid by mining companies including export and import duties on minerals are sources of revenue to the government
(iii)Foreign exchange earning:-The export of minerals like petroleum coal , tin , etc provides foreign exchange for the country
(iv)Provision of essential goods:-Essential goods or products are derived from minerals eg petroleum provides kerosene etc.
(v)Raw material for industries:-Raw materials like limestones are used by cement industries;iron ore are used by iron and steel industry
(i)inadequate skilled labour
(ii)poor transportation
(iii)difficult terrain
(iv)inadequate capital
(v)Depletion of reserves
i)Tropical (megathermal) climates
ii)Dry (arid and semiarid) climates
iii)Temperate (mesothermal) climates
i)Tropical rainforest climate
ii)Tropical monsoon climate
-Tropical rainforest climate-
i)there is double
ii)temperature are highly and uniform throughout the year maxima
-Tropical monsoon climate-
i)temperature range is 6°c
ii)high temperature of about 27°c
plateau is an elevated upland with extensive level surface and usually descending steeply to the surrounding lowland
These plateaux are formed as a result of earth movement which causes the uplift of some areas and the depression of others. uplifted areas of land or undulating land form tectonic plateaux and the depressed area from basins.

(i)sources of valuable minerals:-some plateaux are rich in minerals eg Iron-ore and gold copper.
(ii)Sources of River:-Many plateaux are source of big rivers eg Fouta Djallon highlands
(iii) For Favourable settlement:- plateaux in the tropical lands have cooler climate and favoured settlement eg Jos plateau.
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